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Personal website of Patrick Debois

A warm welcome to you !

During 15 years of consultancy, I’ve assumed different roles within large enterprises ranging from developer, network specialist, system administrator, tester and project manager. And because I’ve lived and experienced each role, I can talk to both manager, developer and IT people. Each in their own language.

This allows me to break past silo-based organizational boundaries resulting in smoother project delivery.

I currently specialize in applying Agile techniques in infrastructure integration projects or what is sometimes called devops; agile techniques used in development have an impact on the way operations organizes it work. Similar, operations and sysadmins are becoming programmers because of the virtualization and automation trend where everything is managed through an API.

The only way to respond to the increasing business demands, is to improve the flow from projects to operations. It is essential to keep up with the competition. So when was the last time you deployed to production without fear for a catastrophe?